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"Cool Cases"


Case Conference Webinars

The "Cool Cases" Webinar series is a web based interactive case presentation activity. These interactive hour-long sessions are open to all members of NYAAS. The webinar is designed to help highlight topics in allergy and immunology and provide a forum to discuss unusual or complicated presentations.  The cases are selected to further our knowledge and emphasize discussion via this interactive electronic format.  Cases may include unique presentations or aspects of disease processes that may expand the differential diagnosis and improve patient care.  

Residents & Fellows are eligible for a

NYAAS TRAVEL GRANT to present at eligible annual meetings including ACAAI, AAAI, CIS.  


To submit your case for consideration please submit an abstract to:

Keyboard and Mouse



“Recurrent, treatment refractory DRESS
 with TEN-like vesiculobullous disorder with autoantibodies”

Dana O’Toole MD
NYP/ Weill Cornell Medical Center

Faculty Mentors :Joanna Harp, MD & Elizabeth Feuille MD 
Senior Mentor:  Mariana Castells MD 
Brigham and Women’s Hospital


“Adverse reaction to Carboplatin, Drug Allergy or Cytokine Storm”

 Arjolla Cosper MD
Montefiore Medical Center

Faculty Mentor: Merhunisa Karagic, MD


“A rare immunodeficiency presenting as HLH”

William Ambler, MD

Hospital for Special Surgery

Faculty Mentor:  Rebecca Marsh, MD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

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