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NYAAS Yearly Charitable Donation is now in its 4th year!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

NYAAS started donating yearly to charities in 2020. We decided as a committee and had further support from members that this would be a meaningful yearly goal as a society. Our goal with this yearly donation is to not only provide funding to programs in need but to also be able to highlight all the amazing organizations that are doing work in NYC. We strive to find organizations that are working with the conditions that we see on a daily basis as Allergists.

Learn more about our yearly donations and the receiving organizations:

2020 Donations:

Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City's COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund ($10,500.00)

The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City works in partnership with the business and philanthropic communities to advance initiatives that improve the lives or residents in all five boroughts. It seeks to seed promising, evidence-based models; evaluate the efficacy of new programs and policies; bring innovative solutions to scale; and respond to the emerging needs of the city by building public-private partnerships.

To learn more visit:

AIRnyc ($1,500.00)

AIRnyc began 20 years ago as an evidence-based, participatory research project among Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, The Harlem Hospital Center, and Harlem Children’s Zone to address the high prevalence of pediatric asthma in Harlem.

Over the years, they have expanded to become city-wide to meet the growing and changing needs of New Yorkers, using these same skills to address not only asthma, but a plethora of other chronic health conditions and social needs. Since the beginning, they have been doing health equity-based work. In that time, the health care community has caught on to the significance of our role. AIRnyc started with five CHWs (some of whom are still with them) and now has a team of over 30. They are a listening ear for patients who have no one to speak to, giving them the voice they need. They have adapted to the community’s needs as they change, including in the last few years, when they pivoted their long-standing program intervention model to be hybrid and remote rather than home visit-based to continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic and meet the emerging needs of the people we serve.

To learn more visit:

2021 Donation:

Elijah-Alavi Foundation ($5,000)

The establishment of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation was driven by the need to address a critical public health concern: ensuring the safety of infants and children with severe food allergies and asthma in educational settings, such as daycare centers and schools. In light of this, the Foundation is dedicated to pursuing its mission of creating safe spaces for learning and socialization for these vulnerable populations.

To learn more visit:

2022 Donation:

American Lung Association: Kickin' Asthma Program ($2,600)

In NYC, the American Lung Association currently provides asthma self-management education to children ages 8-11 through the Open Airways for Schools Program.

They are currently looking to expand the delivery of asthma self-management education to youth ages 11-16 through the Kickin’ Asthma program. This program will be held at community-based organizations serving youth, with an interest in providing health and wellness related programming.

They intend to leverage current partnerships to engage middle school students enrolled in afterschool programming in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They plan to secure 3 sites in East Harlem, Washington Heights, Bushwick and/or Brownsville; these areas have been identified in NYC’s Environment and Health Data Portal as having some of the highest rates of emergency department visits and persistent asthma among public school children.

Through this public health partnership, all training materials and resources will be provided to implement this program at no-cost to the organization or to the families.

To learn more visit:

We are looking for ideas on where to donate in 2024! If you have any organizations that are doing amazing work - please reach out and let us know!

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